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What Happens When Your Hard Drive Crashes?

20 Oct

When your hard drive goes be prepared to spend some time re-doing just about everything. It’s like losing your cell phone and not having all your numbers backed up.That’s what happened to me last week that’s why I am writing this post.  My hard drive went out about ten days ago – it warned me that it was failing and I started backing up like crazy! Fortunately, I’ve been fairly diligent about backing up all my files to external hard drives so it wasn’t a catastrophe. I have two external hard drives and I try to back up all my data to both sources. One source I keep in a safe deposit box so I still have my images in case my place burns down or floods when I am away.

I think sometimes we take for granted how much information we store on our computers. We are continuously adding things over times whether it be: images, software/updates, websites, word documents or spread sheets, pdf files, games, Photoshop plug-ins and actions  etc.

 That being said, I’ve been very fortunate that I have friends who help in times like these. I honestly couldn’t do it myself. After purchasing another hard drive and re-installing all the drivers we began to slowly resurrect my computer from the dead. I am going to list out the best advice I can give you to prevent a catastrophe from happening. Some of these may not prevent failure, but will certainly help keep your computer running as fast as possible.

1) double back-up everything important – also make sure you are current and well-organized in doing this.

2) make sure you are well-organized when it comes to tracking receipts and key codes. You will need to re-download all the software you’ve paid for if you don’t have hard copies…

3) be very careful of the programs you are running, especially if you are on a PC. Windows 7 can be very intrusive if you let it. Take control of your computer.

4) be careful with registry defrags and other software used to “clean up your computer”.  Emptying your recycle bin and deleting your browsing history is one thing, defragging and registry fixes are something else.

5) partitioning off your hard drive – is it good or bad? Honestly, I’ve read opinions both ways. I tend to believe it’s good,  but I am certainly no expert. Please do your own research and make your own conclusions.

6) disable or turn to manual start-up items that are automatically running when your computer boots that you don’t need. 

Well, that’s about it. I am certainly no techie so don’t read too much into this blog post. I just want you to be aware of the potential amount of work and headaches you can incur if you are not prepared ahead of time for something like this to happen.  Also, some quick tips to speed up your computer and keep it running smoothly. Have a great day!

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