North Face, Tents, and Vermin

7 Jul

I’ve been very busy this week editing and painting my kitchen so I will have the newest post on my top 10 parks for summer travel either tomorrow or Friday at latest. To give you a hint – check out my new releases gallery here. I just posted two new images today, one of which is from that park.

Anyway, I wanted to give a short plug to The North Face for their outstanding products as well as their customer service.  We have been proud owners of a North Face Rock 22 tent since 2004. Last year alone, the tent received over 60 uses including a frozen night on Shoshone Lake (Yellowstone NP), 60 mph winds in the Rincon Mountains (Saguaro NP), among other adventures.

Well, after years of use and abuse, our tent finally gave out. The zippers just couldn’t handle the wear and tear anymore. Long story short, we sent our tent into The North Face warranty department to see if they could fix it. We didn’t expect it to be covered under the warranty, and it wasn’t, and North Face said they couldn’t even fix it. What we also didn’t expect was the warranty department to offer 50% off on a new tent in its place (as well as on a footprint)! We were thrilled to accept their offer and very impressed with their customer service. Hence, this post. Kudos to The North Face for their outstanding customer service! 

Also, in RIP of our wonderful, old tent we leave you this picture, which just happens to be from the most miserable night I ever spent in it – at Havasupai Canyon. We were harassed by two, pesky, full-grown, adult raccoons who started stalking during an early evening dinner. The harassment continued all night culminating in the raccoons breaking into our backpacks and eating our favorite protein bars. At one point, I had one of the vermin trapped on a low-lying tree limb and my fiancée convinced me to let it live. Needless to say, I slept all of about an hour that night. This picture is from that day. We’ll talk to you soon. Have a great one!!

An Eerie Reminder of the Night of the raccoons. RIP Rock 22!

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